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9 Reasons To Be At Cairo ICT 2013

9 Reasons to Be at Cairo ICT 2013

1 Learn how to drive new revenue streams

2 Showcase your services and products to a highly-motivated audience

3 Discover new opportunities in virgin markets

4 Use Cairo ICT’s strong cross-border PR and promotion activities

5 Network with your potential clients and peers

6 Understand how core industry themes will affect your business

7 Position your company among the world industry leaders

8 Find new partners outside your country

9 Benchmark your approach to innovation

And 6 More Reasons

1 Cairo ICT generates premium quality sales leads and drives new business

2 Cairo ICT offers exhibitors unparalleled brand recognition.

3 Cairo ICT is the technology event of the year attended by high-level business audience seeking the latest trends and solutions.

4 Cairo ICT draws the highest attendance of government decision makers

5 Cairo ICT is a major media event – heavily covered by technology and general business media.

6 Cairo ICT is to-date, the most trusted brand in its category. Exhibitors are assured that all promises are delivered.

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