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CIO – Cairo International Optical Fair 2019

CIO – Cairo International Optical Fair 2019

Why CIO ?

When the company Delta Event studied the establishment of optical exhibition in
the Egyptian market due to the growing population and geographical location of
Egypt in the heart of the African continent and the Middle East found that the
Egyptian market is expanding annually in demand for global brands and increase
ate of consumption of glasses and sun glasses and adhesive lenses and applies with the study oprovided from

This study confirms the high demand for commercial brands in Egypt and the Middle East is
Growing 6% in glasses $220 and 8% on the category from 219% to 160 $, but there is also a
demand up to 9% on the category of $ 95 to $ 80 and also 6% of the $ 80 for $ 50 where the
After the tremendous success of the Cairo International Optics Exhibition 2018, the Egyptian market has increased to 50% and achieved a visitor rate of 5000 visitors from all over the world over three days. In 2019, we aim to increase sales and investment in the Egyptian market the doubling
The exhibition will feature the largest number of professionals and professionals in the optics industry as well as the technology
sector with the highest expected number of attendees exceeding expectations in cio 2019

There is also the appropriate educational content and continued by specialists in
field of eye care and eyewear industry.

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